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Why Pay for Weather Forecasts?


Don't put your trust in your weather app, as all weather apps are model generated with no meteorologist insight to interpret and make adjustments. All models use simplified mathematical equations that induce errors in the models. It is my job to pick out those discrepancies and better the forecast. We realize the importance of applying human intelligence and a personal approach to the development of our forecasts and alerts.  For this reason, our services have increased awareness for our clients, providing advanced lead–time, profitability, and improved safety on the job for companies and its workers by making them aware of the weather before it happens.


What do we offer?

Weather Consulting & Forecasting

At Dynamic Weather Agency we offer a verity of services. From weather consulting and forecasting to tracking severe storms, multimedia, and forensics, Dynamic Weather Agency LLC. has something for you. Not seeing what your looking for be sure to contact us and will attempt to help you the best we can. 

Commercial Forecast

Our commercial forecast package is perfect for businesses and organizations such as schools, church groups, construction/roofing, snow removal, landscaping, agriculture, energy, sports teams, golf courses and much more. Even if you only need us for a few days, a couple of weeks, or a few months we can make a package that works for you. Our services have increased awareness for our clients, providing advanced lead–time, profitability, and improved safety on the job for companies and its workers by making them aware of the weather before it happens.


Call today for a free quote at 765-271-9723  or shoot us an email at .

Event Forecast

Whether you are planning an outdoor concert venue, festival, or community event, safety is the main priority. Storms have injured and killed people at outdoor events and most of the time this could have been prevented. Planning an event outdoors has its challenges and the last thing you want after countless hours of planning is having to cancel the event due to weather, or risk the safety of your guests.  This is not only a waste of time but also a waste of money.  What you need is a solution that helps you plan around the weather and gives you updates on ever-changing weather conditions, and mitigate risks. So, where do you turn? 

Storm Chasing

Previously known as BowEcho Chase Team, Dynamic Weather Agency has over eight years of experience with tracking some of Mother Nature's most violent storms. From major floods to winter storms to severe weather, our number one goal is to save lives and help out in the warning process. We stream our chases live on Youtube, Facebook, and Twitch. Learn more about how you can purchase some of our chase videos, live streams, and photos. ​



Dynamic Weather Agency has been providing severe weather coverage for the Midwest and Ohio River Valley, Upper Mississippi River Valley, and parts of the Great Plains over the past eight years. Previously known as BowEcho Chase Team, which operated from Spring 2012 to Spring 2016 and Dynamic Weather Agency LLC. as of September of 2016 to present. Our footage has been viewed by hundreds of thousands to millions of viewers around the world. Our footage can be seen on the Weather Channel, ABC's Good Morning America, NBC, CBS, CNN, and much more. See our footage in the upcoming series World's Wildest Weather in early 2019. 

Forensic Meteorology 

If you are involved in a legal or insurance case in which you suspect that weather was a contributing factor, please contact us via email or phone to receive a free initial consultation. Dynamic Weather Agency LLC can provide attorneys and insurance companies or anyone who needs detail analysis across the country with forensic meteorological services analyzing all types of weather. Whether it be severe storms, flash flooding, winter weather, to extreme temperatures, etc. we got you covered. With years of experience in weather forecasting and consulting, we can provide you detailed meteorological and climatological reports with expert analysis and an in-depth examination of the role, that weather played in your case or claim.  With tons of current and archived weather data to our disposal from snowfall/rainfall totals, severe weather reports including wind, hail, tornadoes, and flash flooding, to archived radar data and much more we got you and your case covered.



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