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Legal Stuff: Dynamic Weather Agency LLC  should not be your only source for weather. Be sure to follow your local NWS office and preferred local news media outlet for life-saving weather information.

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Weather Consulting and Forecasting



Dynamic Weather Agency LLC was established in late September of 2016m by meteorologist and storm tracker James Longwith. At Dynamic Weather Agency LLC. we specialize in weather consulting and forecasting for businesses, schools, churches, and other organizations. We also provide weather consulting and forecasting services for outdoor events such as concerts, races, fairs, and much more. In addition to weather forecasting and consulting, during severe weather events Dynamic Weather Agency strives on keeping the communities we forecast for safe by providing real-time weather reports to the NWS during severe weather outbreaks. We stream our chases live to our website for our subscribers.  Dynamic Weather Agency LLC brings over 9 years of experience when it comes to tracking storms. Our footage is seen on all the major national and local news and media outlets including the Weather Channel, Good Morning America, World's Wildest Weather, ABC, CNN, and CBS just to name a few. Not only do we chase severe weather, but we also cover, hurricanes, flooding events, droughts, extreme temperature, and winter weather. Dynamic Weather Agency LLC is recognized by NWS/NOAA as a WeatherReady Nation Ambassador, with the in the initiative to spread weather awareness and preparedness.

Before Dynamic Weather Agency, I ran a storm chasing group called BowEcho chase Team from 2012-2016. BowEcho Chase Team grew so big I thought it was time for a change and offer forecasting services while I finished my degree in meteorology.


Dynamic Weather Agency strives in providing accurate and reliable weather forecasts to our customers. Our goal is to help save lives and help out in the warning process. We strive to document mother nature's most violent weather on earth and send accurate weather reports to the NWS.


 Whether you're in need of a quick out-the-door forecast for your day knowing whether or not to take that umbrella with you, or if your business depends on accurate and detailed weather information on a daily basis, our services can be customized to fit your needs!


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Meet The Team

James Longwith

Meteorologist/ Storm Tracker

Years Chasing: 9 Years

# of Tornadoes: 36

# of Hurricanes: 1

#Tropical Storms: 2

My name is James Longwith and I the lead forecaster and owner of Dynamic Weather Agency LLC. formerly known as BowEcho Chase Team. I founded BowEcho in the Spring of 2012 about the time I decided to pursue a degree in Meteorology and GIS, although I have been fascinated by weather since I was a child. In September of 2016, BowEcho Chase Team grew so much, that the switch to Dynamic Weather Agency needed.

I studied Professional Meteorology and Climatology at Ball State University and also received a Bachelors degree in GIScience (Geographic Information Systems). At Ball State University I was actively involved in the Ball State Storm Chase Team where I was the Assistant Director of the Storm Chase Team for one year and was the Director of the Storm Chase Team for another two years. During my final year as Director of the Ball State Storm Chase Team, some of my colleagues and I was able to get Ball State StormReady with the National Weather Service which was a big accomplishment of mine. While at Ball State I was also the President of the Ball State University Weather Society which is an NWA and AMS local organization. At Ball State, I worked in the Ball State Meteorology lab for two year where my final year I was the lead lab assistant where we tutored students in meteorology and climatology. I also worked in the Cardinal Weather Service where we provided weather consulting and forecasting products to Ball State Athletics and a few other clients around Ball State and Delaware County. During my senior year, I was awarded the David Odom Award and Scholarship for Excellence in Service in Meteorology and Climatology from Ball State University. 

I grew up in the small town of Kokomo, IN, where I learned to love and have a passion for weather. Hearing the stories about the famous Palm Sunday tornadoes in 1965 and the tornado to hit the local skating rink in 2004 made me want to study severe weather. I would also say Twister and the tv series Storm Chasers also brought a spark to my interest. I saw my first tornado/waterspout ever over a summer vacation in the early 2000's in Florida and fell in love with this violently rotating column of air. Also, witnessing many storms over the summer, I grew interested in lightning, severe winds, hail, and flash flooding. I have also had a few encounters of tropical storms and hurricanes from those summer vacations as a kid and in the present day. 

Some other interesting facts about me, I enjoy public speaking and talking about meteorology and storm chasing. I often visit local schools and spread weather awareness from elementary to high schoolers and also talk about my chasing experiences in hopes to interest students in pursuing an education in meteorology and atmospheric sciences. 

This is my 9th season chasing and I have many successful seasons under my belt. So, in 2019, I will embark on my 10th season and will be hoping for another successful season and to add more tornadoes to my count. While chasing, I am also behind most of the videos and pictures as seen on our site. Our videos and photos are some of the best out there and have been shared on many local/national news stations including Good Morning America and The Weather Channel. Our footage can also be seen on season two of World's Wildest Weather. World's Wildest Weather charts some of the worlds most intense and out of this world weather. Incredible stories of bravery and awe-inspiring footage from hurricanes to tornadoes to giant-sized hail and winds. This fast-paced show will get the adrenaline pumping as viewers jump behind the scenes to explore the science behind what causes been