Why Pay for Weather Forecasts?


Don't put your trust in your weather app, as all-weather apps are model generated with no meteorologist insight to interpret and make adjustments. Weather models can be wrong. All models use simplified mathematical equations that induce errors in the models. It's our job to pick out those discrepancies and create better more accurate forecasts that don't change each time you open your app. We realize the importance of applying human intelligence and a personal approach to the development of our forecasts in which helps you make decisions.  For this reason, our services have increased awareness for our clients, providing advanced lead–time, profitability, and improved safety on the job for companies, their workers, and patrons by making them aware of the weather before it happens.



Dynamic Weather Agency LLC was established in late September of 2016 by consulting meteorologist and storm tracker James Longwith. Dynamic Weather Agency LLC. was previously operated under the name of BowEcho Chase Team from 2012-2016. At Dynamic Weather Agency LLC. we specialize in weather consulting and forecasting for businesses, schools, churches, and other organizations. We also provide weather consulting and forecasting services for outdoor events such as concerts, races, fairs, and much more. In addition to weather forecasting and consulting, during severe weather events Dynamic Weather Agency strives on keeping the communities we forecast for safe by providing real-time weather reports to the NWS during severe weather outbreaks. We stream our chases live to our website for our subscribers and also provide live videos and stock footage for the news and media outlets in the areas we chase. Dynamic Weather Agency LLC brings over 9 years of experience when it comes to tracking storms. Our footage is seen on all the major national and local news and media outlets including the Weather Channel, Good Morning America, World's Wildest Weather, ABC, CNN, and CBS just to name a few. Not only do we chase severe weather, but we also cover, hurricanes, flooding events, droughts, extreme temperatures, and winter weather. Dynamic Weather Agency LLC is recognized by NWS/NOAA as a WeatherReady Nation Ambassador, with the initiative to spread weather awareness and preparedness to all our customers because the goal of all-weather forecasters is to protect life and property.

Dynamic Weather Agency strives in providing accurate and reliable weather forecasts to our customers. Our goal is to help save lives and help out in the warning process. We strive to document mother nature's most violent weather on earth and send accurate weather reports to the NWS. 

 Whether you're in need of a quick out-the-door forecast for your day knowing whether or not to take that umbrella with you, or if your business depends on accurate and detailed weather information on a daily basis, our services can be customized to fit your needs!

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Our Meteorologist

James Longwith

Consulting Meteorologist/ Storm Tracker

Active Duty U.S. Air Force Weather Technician (1W0X1)

B.S. Meteorology

B.S. Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Years Chasing: 10 Years

# of Tornadoes: 38

# of Hurricanes: 3

#Tropical Storms: 5

James Longwith is a graduate of Ball State University. James received his Bachelor's degree in Professional Meteorology and Climatology with a double major in Geographic Information Systems. While at Ball State, James was actively involved in many school organizations including the Ball State Storm Chase Team and the Ball State Weather Society. James served as the Director of the Ball State Storm Chase Team for two years and the Assistant Director for one year prior. James also served as the President of the Ball State Weather Society. The Weather Society is a local chapter of the National Weather Association (NWA) and the American Meteorological Society (AMS). One of James' biggest accomplishments while serving as President of the Weather Society and the Director of the Storm Chase Team of getting Ball State a StormReady campus with the National Weather Service (NWS). When James wasn't in class James worked as a tutor in the Ball State Meteorology lab for two years and was the lead lab assistant, tutoring in meteorology and climatology. James also worked in the Cardinal Weather center providing forecast products to Ball State Athletics and a few other clients around Ball State and Delaware County. James was awarded the David Odom Award and Scholarship for "Excellence in Service in Meteorology and Climatology" from Ball State.


James grew up in the town of Kokomo, IN. Kokomo is known for its far share in severe weather. James got his interest in weather from an earth science class in high school. While James has always been interested in weather, from watching the movie Twister and TV shows like Storm Chasers, James became a storm spotter with the NWS at 16. James also remembers hearing about the famous Palm Sunday tornadoes back in 1965 and the tornado that hit the local skating rink in 2004.


James has also been featured on many news stories and TV shows including the Weather Channel Series "World's  Wildest Weather". James has also been a special guest on Local Refresh a podcast where he talking bout his chasing experience, forecasting, and the August 24, 2016 tornado outbreak across the midwest. You can catch James' footage on Good Morning America, The Weather Channel, ABC, CNN, NBC, and more.



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