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Nothing ruins a good game, concert, or any large outdoor event such as a festival or fair as quickly as bad weather. Cancellations and rain delays are not only bad for morale, but they can do serious damage to your bottom line. Dynamic Weather Agency LLC. is here to provide you with site-specific and detailed weather information and forecasts. Storms, especially lightning, are a real threat for the staff, spectators, and players in any outdoor event. Studies suggest that incidents of adverse weather-related disasters and severe weather conditions will increase in the coming years, which presents a real risk to public safety for people attending outdoor events. Any miscalculation in the forecast could leave these people exposed, making the stakes too high to continue to rely on free services. Storms have injured and killed people at outdoor events, and most of the time this could have been prevented. 

By adopting an integrated weather system using non-automated weather services, customized for a specific location, while using a science-based approach, our services have increased awareness for our clients, providing advanced lead–time, profitability, and improved safety, by making them aware of the weather before it happens. Our staff has a complete view of weather conditions in real-time, including radar, wind, lightning, and much more. We can even set customized alerts based on our clients' specific criteria and use their GPS location to have real-time alerts/notifications sent right to event staff either through text or email when inclement weather is approaching. This insight is used to help make the right decisions to keep people safe during outdoor events.

We know that planning an event outdoors has its challenges and the last thing you want after countless hours of planning is having to cancel the event due to weather, or risk the safety of your guests. This is not only a waste of time but also a waste of money. Don't put your trust in free weather services and mobile apps.  While they may use your phone's GPS to determine your location, there is no guarantee that the forecast is for that area. There is no need for second-guessing or having the forecast change each time you open your phone. 

Enquire today to learn more about how our event forecasting services can help you. Be sure to check out our brochure on Managing and Mitigating Weather-Related Risk and Evacuations at Outdoor Events. 

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