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Whether you are planning an outdoor concert venue, festival, or community event, safety is the main priority. Storms have injured and killed people at outdoor events and most of the time this could have been prevented. Planning an event outdoors has its challenges and the last thing you want after countless hours of planning is having to cancel the event due to weather, or risk the safety of your guests. This is not only a waste of time but also a waste of money.  What you need is a solution that helps you plan around the weather and gives you updates on ever-changing weather conditions, and mitigate risks. So, where do you turn? 



Smartphone apps are not specific to your location.  While they may use your phone's GPS to determine your location, there is no guarantee that the forecast is for that area plus most of them use computer-generated data with no human input.  National weather providers are expensive and may offer extra services you do not need or want.  We can help you better plan your events by providing you with an accurate and highly localized forecast, by phone, to your events page and on-site as needed. Ask about our social media solutions. 



Call today for a free quote at 765-271-9723  or shoot us an email at dynamicweather@outlook.com .

Interactive Radar

Our interactive radar allows users to zoom in and see storms in real time and in high resolution. See storm tracks, radar loops, and much more. 

Weather Forecasts

Get daily weather forecasts and information to your phone, email, by web, and/or in-person for each day of your event. This also includes set up and tear down times or however long you need them.  You will receive a daily forecast video and blog post to your own private web link each day on our website. The video and blog post includes information on temperature, precipitation, weather conditions, timing, and much more. Contact us for examples.

Social Media 

Get custom weather graphics for your event to post on social media. From forecast to severe weather alerts we got you covered.

Real-Time Weather Monitoring

Let our meteorologist watch the weather while you manage your event. Our meteorologist are trained in identifying signatures associated with potentially severe convection and techniques for identifying particular radar signatures within a volume scan. Our meteorologist have knowledge of conceptual models of convective storm structures to determine the mode of convection indicated by particular radar signatures. Given a convective storm type, our meteorologist can determine the location and timing of potential storm-induced damage. And finally, estimate the likelihood that a particular radar signature indicates the presence of severe convection.

Real-Time Lightning

Our meteorologist have access to the best real-time lightning data not available for free to the public. We can identify the exact location, time, type, and strength. 

On-Site Meteorologist (Optional)

 Our on-site meteorologist can monitor the weather for you while you worry about the event itself. Our meteorologist use the latest technology when it comes to monitoring the weather for your outdoor event. 

24/7 On Call Meteorologist (Optional)

Our meteorologist are just a phone call away. Get access to a meteorologist around the clock to answer any questions about the forecast, evolving weather conditions, and public safety.

Why Choose Us?

Our meteorologist monitors the weather whether on-site or from a remote location during the entire time of your event using the latest technology for monitoring the weather and have access to weather data not available or free to the public including Level2 Radar Data, Storm Tracking and Timing, Lightning Data, and much more. 



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