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With our forensic meteorological services, Dynamic Weather Agency LLC can provide your company, organization, or agency with detailed weather reports for all types of weather and meteorological hazards. Forensic meteorology is most often used in court cases, including insurance disputes, personal injury cases, and sometimes murder investigations. Most often the case forensic meteorology is used when weather conditions are expected to be a possible factor, such as in fall cases after snow and ice, wind, flood, aviation or nautical accidents, etc. Our team of meteorologists have years of experience and an extensive knowledge of meteorology and applied science behind the atmosphere for us to reconstruct weather events at any time for any location. Our meteorologists can acquire and analyze local weather reports, radar, and satellite imagery, along with other data and eyewitness accounts in making our detailed reports. We also strive with being knowledgeable about the latest research and technology in our career field. 


  • Property Damage

  • Motor Vehicle Collisions

  • Personal Injury Incidents​​​

  • Storm and Roof Damage 

  • Lightning Damage and/or Injury

  • Wind Damage

  • Rainfall, Snow and Ice Rates and Totals

  • Hail Damage

  • Flooding

  • Sun Glare, Sunrise, Sunset

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Forensic Meteorology

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Dynamic WeatherAgency LLC

Legal Stuff: Dynamic Weather Agency LLC  should not be your only source for the weather during hazardous weather. Be sure to follow your local NWS office, and listen to NOAA weather radios and preferred local news media outlets for life-saving weather information.

Media Disclaimer: All Media/Photos/Videos/Live Video feeds are in no way allowed to be used in any way without prior authorization by Dynamic Weather Agency LLC. Contact us for licensing of any photo or video-related content. 

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