World's Wildest Weather

World’s Wildest Weather places the viewer in the eye of the storm in every episode. Throughout the series, we get to see the most extraordinary footage ever captured, and we get to meet those who were lucky enough - or unlucky enough - to have been caught up in the catastrophic events and survive to tell the tale. Alongside these incredible stories, we present the reasons behind the wild weather, provided by our resident meteorological experts.

Season 2 Episode 6

Buried Alive- Living through a direct hit from a powerful tornado, an amazing escape from an alpine avalanche and Hurricane Matthew brings record flooding to the southern states of America.

Consulting Meteorologist and Storm Tracker James Longwith shares his account of the Kokomo, IN Tornado. James is a Kokomo native, and storm chaser who witnessed the powerful tornado and multiple other tornadoes as they tore through the Indiana countryside. James also provided the producers his meteorological expertise in helping write the story. 

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